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Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

Driving out to Sunrise Springs is a road of twists and turns, winding through quiet residential streets and ending at a gorgeous resort. The property, spread across 70 acres, truly makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere—save for a sky full of glittery stars and other spa-goers looking for a relaxing getaway.

Within the 20 acres of intentionally-designed space are gardens, walking paths and trails (including the sacred Medicine Wheel, which is located at the heart of the resort), repose pools, and indoor spaces. As Santa Fe’s only destination spa, Sunrise Springs offers guests the chance to create their own experience, whether that be spent exploring the 50 acres of undeveloped land, creating therapeutic art, or meandering from spa treatments to soaking pools.

Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

The spa is the natural draw of visiting a place like Sunrise Springs. Its facilities weave touches of native and contemporary design with organic textures and tones of the surrounding desert. The tranquility room is small and simple, but the treatment rooms are appreciably spacious, warm, and well-appointed.

There’s no fuss to it; relaxation at Sunrise Springs doesn’t come doesn’t need to come with glitz and glitter, its aplomb is quieter and more inviting.

Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

The services and treatments at Sunrise Springs combine the best of Eastern and Western bodywork and skincare therapies. For example, the Ancient Echoes massage is based on East Indian head massage techniques that focuses on the upper back, shoulders, scalp, face, and ears in a way that promotes calm, balance, and tranquility.

But spa experiences go far beyond the typical facial or massage. The resort centers around a Medicine Wheel, or mandala, which represents the interconnectedness and balance of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of wellbeing. That idea inspires the many wellness offerings at Sunrise Springs, which include energy healing, spiritual guide services, and astrology readings.

Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

One can’t-miss feature of the property are the natural artesian spring-fed repose pools. They’re set under towering cottonwood trees and are the perfect place to find rejuvenation and serenity. The gently-heated communal pools allow you to connect with nature; the pools are set at the edge of a pond, under towering cottonwood trees, and stay open late enough for you to soak under twinkling stars of the New Mexican sky.

If you plan ahead, you can reserve an ojito—your choice of a private outdoor pool or mineral-infused soaking tub. Wooden slats can be opened for a view of the pond and repose pools or kept closed for a more intimate dip.

Photo Credit: Djani Schafer

You’ll also want to make a reservation at Blue Heron; the only restaurant on property. Executive Chef Rocky Durham uses seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, with some of the herbs and vegetables coming straight from the resort’s greenhouse.

The guacamole—a diner-favorite dish—has a kick, just like everything else Chef Durham presents. The menu is wonderfully overwhelming; for the most part, dishes (like the duck and pork belly confit over a white bean chili) are composed of an endless list of ingredients that somehow work together harmoniously to offer a perfectly well-balanced flavor with every bite.

Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

At Sunrise Springs, relaxation doesn’t necessarily mean meditating all day—activities and experiences abound. The “Experiential Activities Calendar” includes daily events that will tempt anyone’s fancy. On one end of the spectrum, those who are looking for tranquility can opt for gentle morning yoga, intentional incense, sound travel, and open art studio. Adventurous souls can try their hand at hatchet throwing, a kitchari cooking class, or a petroglyphs art hike.

Photo Credit: Djani Schafer

The resort’s Chicken Chat, Catnip & Catnaps, and Puppy Play Time activities allow for a unique encounter with the animals of Sunrise Springs. At designated times, you can pop into the chicken coop, cat corral, or puppy patch to get your fix of fluffy (and feathery) creatures.

The resort partnered with Española Humane for the puppy and kitten experiences, as all animals are adoptable. In fact, Sunrise Springs has adopted out more than 100 kittens since the program started on June 1, 2019, and more than 50 puppies since December 19, 2019.

Photo Credit: Ski Santa Fe

There really is no reason to leave the property, but if you do choose to, stay connected to nature and hit the slopes. Ski Santa Fe is less than an hour away from Sunrise Springs and offers a hit of adrenaline to balance out all the quieter activities at the resort.

At a base elevation of 10,350 ft., Ski Santa Fe has the sixth-highest base and eleventh-highest peak in the country, meaning the views are endless. From the top, you can see the multi-colored expanse of the Arizona desert and the Pedernal Mountains that inspired Georgia O’Keefe’s artwork.

Photo Credit: Ski Santa Fe

Ski Santa Fe has trails for every level of skier or snowboarder. Of the 86 trails on the mountain, 20 percent are beginner trails, and the other 80 percent is split evenly between intermediate and expert runs. No matter your skill level, a private instructor will help you work on your form and master the slopes—ensuring you’re at least competent enough to make it to Totemoff’s Bar & Grill, located mid-mountain. It’s the only place you’ll find alcohol, as well as live music every Saturday.

Once you pack it in, make sure to book another spa appointment at Sunrise Springs or plan an après-ski dip in the repose pools. The therapeutic services will help warm you back up and ease any next-day soreness.

Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

Of course, you can always warm up with a little libation at Moonhouse Lounge as well. The cozy spot serves local wine, beer, and small snacks with live music every Friday and Saturday.

However, if you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, there’s no retreat more welcoming than your room. The accommodations at Sunrise Springs include 32 garden-view rooms, and 20 spacious casitas. Rooms are appointed with natural wood, cozy Pendleton blankets, and luxurious textures; they embody the simplistic southwestern elegance found throughout the rest of the property. Each casita boasts high ceilings, a private courtyard patio entrance, fireplace, signature amenities (made with local plants and herbs), and blackout shades to ensure a restful sleep. In keeping with the intention of creating a space of ultimate relaxation, there are no televisions in any of the rooms.

Photo Credit: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

Sunrise Springs is a quiet, tranquil sanctuary where you can explore new aspects of yourself and feel true and total rejuvenation. Whether you’re looking for transformative self-discovery, riveting adventure, or just want to cuddle with a few cute puppies, Sunrise Springs is the perfect getaway, offering a breadth of experiences you won’t soon forget.

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