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One of the most popular things to eat in Nepal are momos, which are basically steamed dumplings. There are many different fillings including chicken and all vegetable, but there’s nothing more popular in Nepal than a plate of buffalo momos! While walking around Kathmandu you’ll see the signs for momos all over the place, and outside of every momo restaurant is a huge steamer that often hisses as the dumplings are flash steamed until fully cooked and ready to be served.

Momos are very popular throughout Nepal and also Tibet and parts of Western and Northern India. They are very similar to method and preparation to Chinese jaozi or Korean mandu, but in Nepal the filling ingredients taste quite different. I’m not sure what is all included in the fillings, but in these particular momos it tasted like a combo of minced buffalo along with a few subtle spices – not spicy, but nicely spiced.

One day as I was walking from the Kathmandu Monkey Temple to back to the Thamel street area of the city, I decided to grab a quick plate of buffalo momos for some much needed energy. From the outside of the restaurant I quickly noticed exactly what they were selling and I picked a table and seat at the back of the restaurant, surrounded by blue walls with a little table. It was a little scrunched, but was fine for a quick snack.

From the massive steamer, the owner of the restaurants scooped me up a plate of freshly prepared buffalo momos. She then added a scoop of hot sauce and other sauce, which I really had no idea what it was but after tasting it, it tasted a little nutty, very tasty. The buffalo momos were very meaty. If you don’t like the taste of meat you probably wouldn’t enjoy buffalo too much. Apart from there being a little too much fat mixed in, they were really good, and hearty. The sauce on the top made the momos even better, adding a little spice and also a lovely nutty fragrance. A plate of these buffalo momos in Kathmandu, Nepal, cost me only 35 Nepali Rupees which is only about $0.40 – now that’s a good deal and delicious food!

When you visit Nepal, you’ll have multiple opportunities every day to enjoy momos, and along with buffalo you can also try chicken and vegetable. I also really like the veg momos in Nepal!

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